What is document controller?


Document Controller is a person which manages documents of an organization for a project or whole organization to a much higher degree of reliability for security, version, visibility, availability and, most importantly, with a controlled reliable audit trail.

 There are few rules which a document controller has to follow.

1. He / She should have very clear understanding of the company procedure and a clear understanding of company document moment System.
2. He / She should follow the document or numbering policy of the company.

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The Document Controller will be responsible for the receipt, distribution and filing/storage of all documents (hard and soft copy) and samples delivered to site and assist the Document Control Manager as required.
Main responsibilities will include:

1. Control project documentation as per company’s procedures

2. Register the receipt of documents from both internal and external sources

3. Assist the Project Departments with queries on documentation requirements and submissions

4. Ensure that both hard copy and electronic documentation is filed in an accurate and retrieval manner

5. Receive, distribute & file documents, ensuring the correct and timely delivery of documents to relevant parties for action & information

6. Issue document numbers

7. Check the formatting, versions and sign off of all controlled documents

8. Control the document transmittal system

9. Prepare and track MS/MA logs

10. In charge of construction drawings, as‐built drawings & documents, post tension QA, QC records & concrete testing results

11. Ensure the updated document submission for relevant personnel

12. Other tasks as required

 Tien Bui


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